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What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction, sometimes called spiritual companionship, is an ancient part of the Christian spiritual practice. A person seeking direction will meet one-on-one with the spiritual director to examine their spiritual and religious lives. Spiritual direction is well-known in the Catholic tradition and is gaining momentum in Protestant denominations as a way to listen and discern the workings of God in the life of the directee. 


Spiritual direction honors conversation and silence. It gives space for all people to come as they are in order to examine difficult questions about faith, about self, about vocation, about relationships. Spiritual direction is about helping people find congruence between belief and practice. The ancient tradition of meeting with a spiritual director offers a place and time to slow down, to listen for the movement of the Holy, to honor what they hold as sacred, and to search in the company of a compassionate other, witnessing to the ways God is shaping and transforming their life.

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